Alarm communication technology continues to evolve. AFA can help keep you up to date with the latest technologies. Your alarm signals can be sent to AFA’s central station via one or a combination of alarm signal transmission technologies.

If you are still using Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS), we can update your Security alarm system or install one that uses the most current alarm transmission technologies. Previous alarm systems communicated via POTS lines.  As digital and cellular communications have emerged, and the FCC Broadband planned phase out of POTS lines becomes closer, we encourage our customers to transition over to the use of Internet Protocol (IP), VoIP, and Global System for Mobile (GSM) for alarm signal transmission.

Benefits of IP/GSM Transmission:


  • Eliminates POTS dedicated phone lines, saving money and paying for itself quickly
  • Multi-path redundancy in the system enhances reliability
  • Internet and Cellular technologies are less likely to have failures in harsh enviroments
  • Internet and cellular technologies communicate much faster than regular telephone transmission
  • Provides the ability to use Vision Remote Services to receive alerts, text messages and updates regarding your system to any mobile device
  • Use of newer technologies keeps your system current and compatable with the ever changing telecommunications landscape.


Our experienced representatives are knowledgeable about the different types of regarding the different types of transmission technologies. Our employees will take a thoughtful approach to your property helping to provide you with the appropriate transmission technology for your system.

Contact us if you are interested in learning more about IP/GSM and other redundant alarm transmission technologies.