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At AFA, we know that nothing is more important to you than the safety and security of your home or business. Prompt response time can save lives and money.

Law enforcement responds to thousands of security alarms every day and the majority of those are false alarms. This trend has reduced the ability of local police departments to be effective in preventing actual burglaries and break-ins.

Security cameras and closed circuit TV have become increasingly important to home and business security systems and systems equipped with video verification systems improve law enforcement response time dramatically. Video verification systems transmit video clips of what triggered an alarm event directly to our Central Station Monitoring facility. Verified alarms receive a higher priority and faster response times from local police departments.  

Reliable Solutions

AFA technicians have decades of experience designing, installing and servicing video security systems and we have been recognized as Staples Loss Prevention Vendor of the Year numerous times. We want to be a partner you can take at their word and continue to rely on.

Our Heritage of Experience and Meaningful Relationships

AFA has been providing businesses and homes with security solutions for decades. We are proud of our relationships with our manufacturing partners and the long-term experience we have providing video security solutions for our clients. History and relationships matter. When you choose AFA you reap the benefits of our stability and our business partnerships.

AFA's video verification systems provide:

  • Live time and date-stamped video
  • Wide range of security cameras from leading manufacturers
  • Integration with existing alarms and security systems
  • Remote viewing and control via any web-enabled device
  • IP, analog and hybrid video solutions
  • Customized and flexible video verification solutions


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